infections from dogs

Infections From Dogs

Are you a cat person or a dog person? Do you see your favourite pet in the market and go all “aww” over them? Pets love you for who you are. They find solace in your arms which is sometimes, the best remedy for a broken heart. Dogs are one such favourite family member. As per a lot of studies, they help in de-stressing and relaxing. But, do you know, they might as well be the source of infection if not properly taken care of. These infections from dogs are also called zoonotic infections.

These can either be by direct transmission like through bites, scratches, licks or by indirect transmission like through faeces, etc. It’s our duty to take good care of these selfless, loyal beings. How? Let us throw some light on these basic practices to keep both the pets and us, their masters fit and healthy.

10 Simple Ways to Avoid Infections From Dogs:

1) Always Buy Dogs From a Reliable and Safe Source: The chances of your dog already being a carrier of any infection will then be null. Buying pets online can be a major risk. These days when online shopping sites have transformed the entire era, people have to learn to distinguish between the safe and the unsafe ones.

2) Wash Your Hands: No matter how much you keep your pet dog clean and tidy, washing hands before and after caressing them should be made a habit once and for all. A lot of infections can be curbed if this simple habit is implemented on a regular basis. Also, wash your hands with soap after touching their food or faeces. In case there is a small child or infant in the house make sure they wash their hands properly and regularly after playing with them.

3) Get Your Pet Regular Medical Appointments: Just like us, they too require regular health checkups. Unlike us, they are not able to convey each time when they feel unwell. Regular evaluations by your veterinarian ensure your pet’s longer and fitter life.

4) Get Your Dog Vaccinated: Vaccination for rabies and other communicable diseases will give your dog and yourself a healthy life. Prevention is better than cure applies here too for the good.

Infections From Dogs
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5) Don’t neglect Any Scratch or Bite: In case of any scratch or bite, wash it thoroughly with soap and water instead of leaving it untreated. The soap action counteracts and removes the harmful bacteria and microorganisms present in the saliva of the dog which is a major source of infections from dogs.

6) Help Your Dog Socialize: This will ensure that bites and scratches are not very common. A friendly dog can reduce the chances of infections through scratches to the maximum extent and needless to mention is liked and accepted by all.

Infections From Dogs
Ticks of Dogs

7) Take Care of Your Pet’s Hygiene: Regularly bathing them, making sure that they are free of fleas and ticks is another preventive measure. Cutting their nails from time to time helps in providing them with a clean environment to grow.

8) Don’t Allow Your Dog to Drink Contaminated Water: Make it a habit of providing your dog proper drinking water and giving good quality of dog food available in the market. Healthy eating works well for them too.

9) Inculcate Toilet-training Habits: Accumulation of dog faeces will invite flies and mosquitoes and lead to an unhealthy carrier of the disease for surrounding and society. Toilet-training habits hence are a must for every dog owner.

Infections From Dogs

10) Be Careful While Handling Faeces: Infections from dogs can be prevented by following easy steps and being extra careful while handling faeces. For example, disinfect the area immediately with a house cleaning soap and don’t touch the faeces directly with hand while disposing off them. Use plastic or gloves and discard them along with the faeces.

A dog is part of the family and sometimes more than a family. It’s nearly impossible for a small creature to fill you with so much of love but a dog makes it possible. If you have seen ‘Marley and Me’ you will totally get the point I am trying to make here. So if a dog can fill you with so many emotions why can’t you by including such small tips in your daily routine give him a healthy life. These daily habits can help avoid infections from dogs to a great extent.

A small gesture can make life healthy for your family and fill it with the precious bundle of happiness. As is rightly said, Dog is a man’s best friend”, so let’s gift our best friend a healthy life and make this place so much better for them and for us.