No doubt momo are becoming one of the most popular street foods in India since its inception in the late 90s from Tibet, Nepal. In a very short period of time, these Tibetan dumplings have become one of the favourite in Delhi and North India and are heavily consumed. These are hassle free to eat and doesn’t hurt our pocket much which makes them most lovable amongst the youth.

We present a list of 15 different momo which you must try before dying.

1. Veg Momos

This is one of the classic, authentic and delicious recipe. These are filled with raw vegetables tossed in salt. They perfectly fit  as an appetizer for parties.

Veg momos

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2. Chicken Momos

It is a combination of minced chicken, onions, ginger, green chillies, garlic and soya sauce together which make it a healthy and mouth watering snack to indulge into.

chicken momos

3. Soya Momos

These are filled with minced soya, soaked in water overnight, which makes them rich in protein and give us a healthy snack option.

soya momos

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4.) Paneer Momos

It is obvious that addition of paneer can make any dish worth gorging. These are filled with crushed paneer and can be easily found on the busy streets of Delhi and North India.

paneer momos

5.) Mushroom Momos

Mushroom stuffed steamed momo can be a treat for the street food lovers who are diet conscious as mushrooms are known for their nutritional and medicinal values.

mushroom momos

6.) Manchurian Momos

These are consumed with the Manchurian sauce that coats the steamed dumplings in a rich spicy sauce made from red chilli and soy.

Manchurian momos

7.) Fried Momos

If you heart is craving for some crispy and crunchy snack, then these deep fried momo can be your ideal choice as they promise a perfect crunch. These taste best with hot chilli garlic sauce.

fried momos

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8.) Soup Momos

Both momo and soup are a source of healthy and nutritious snack. But what can be more promising than a combination? These are made from spicy vegetable or chicken broth added with hot momo.

soup momos

9.) Cheese Momos

These balls are made from hot melted cheese, finely chopped onion, garlic and a pintch of salt. They give a soft cheesy feeling when consumed and will surely make your evening wonderful.

cheese momos

10.) Keema Momo

These will hook any keema lover for life. The little dumplings are filled with marinated minced keema, chopped onions, garlic and ginger and just a bite will keep all your worries aside and lets you enjoy your snack.

keema momos

11.) Shogo Shabril Momos

Apart from the wonderful name it got, the taste too is remarkable. It’s actually a tasty meat filling wrapped in mashed potato, just like a Tibetan version of Shepherds Pie.

shogo shabril momos

12.) Whole Wheat Momo

This is usually a healthier version of momo as they are made up of healthy whole wheat instead of maida (all-purpose flour)

whole wheat momos

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13.) Tandoori Momos

These balls are cooked the same way as the other tandoori items are cooked. Pieces of momo are interspersed with capsicum and onion and grilled uniformly. The addition of these into a bowl of coriander chutney, red chilly chutney, mayonnaise, cream and chaat masala makes them delicious and give them a rich texture.

tandoori momos

14.) Chocolate Momo

This one is for those having sweet tooth, it will give you a combine flavour of salty momo wrap and sweet melted chocolate. Even a glimpse of them will fill your mouth with water.

chocolate momos

15.) Sweet Momos

These are also known as Modak, Indian sweet momo which are a part of our festive season. These are made by milk, sugar, coconut, cardamom and dried fruits.

sweet momos


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