Since ages, alcohol has been seen as an evil smashing all doors of inhibition and ensuing anxiety. But recently, a debate has been spurred out on good and bad health benefits of this fermented drink, courtesy to recent scientific studies. Yes! Alcohol is bad for health, but not if consumed in moderate amount. In fact, it can be your hall ticket to get an entry into the club of healthy people.

A moderate amount is not more than a drink per day for women while men can enjoy the same health benefits with two drinks in a day (of course for those who are legally permitted to drink). So let’s begin exploring the hidden and unexpected benefits of most sought-after hard drink and feel free to serve yourself a glass of drink….

 Reduces Likelihood of Developing Heart Disease


Sounds Crazy, isn’t it? But its the truth many of us are unaware of. When consumed in moderation, it uplifts the concentration of good cholesterol level in the blood. Wine and beer in particular are loaded with natural antioxidants which shields the heart and vessels from the damaging outcomes of free oxygen radicals.

No More Gallstones


Make a little addition of alcohol to your daily diet and stay cured from the breathtaking pain in the pit of stomach. As per a recent finding, a moderate intake of alcohol prevents formation of hard, pebble like depositions inside the gallbladder by affecting the level of good cholesterol level.

 Stylish Way to Kick Away Common Cold


As the winter is approaching, so are the chances of getting inflicted with common cold. But what can be a more stylish way to kick away the menace of this torturing infection other than gulping down a glass of wine (Stick with the term moderation).

As per the findings of the Department of Psychology at Carnegie Mellon University, 8-14 glasses of wine, red in particular, decrease the exposure to common cold by as much as 60%.

 Reduces Risk of Diabetes


If you like to gulp down a glass of drink, then here is a good news for you. A report that was published in 2005 in Diabetes Care unveiled the hidden benefit of alcohol in reducing the possibility of getting inflicted with Type 2 Diabetes. It is supposed to trigger hormone production which is linked with improving insulin sensitivity.

Helps in Boosting Libido


How about a glass of drink before going to bed? Moderate drinking not only keeps you healthy, but also is a secret of blissful sex life. The Journal of Sexual Medicine had published a study in 2009 according to which scientists discovered up to 25% to 30% reduction in the likelihood of erectile dysfunction.

Add More Years to Your Life


Who on this planet don’t wanna live to eternity? Definitely, I am not in the list (although it’s not possible). But yeah! A fine glass of wine can add some more years to your life. A recent study conducted on mice and published in the journal Cell Metabolism reveals the anti-aging property of red wine loaded with a high level of resveratrol compound.

 Boost Mental Power

Ok! We are not saying you are going to turn into a little Einstein, but yes, alcohol consumption in moderate amount can improve your brain power. A glass filled with moderate amount of alcohol helps in improved blood flow to nerve cells and prepares brain cells to fight with stress.

So the next time when you feel like grabbing a bottle of wine, beer or whisky, don’t get smashed, but follow the rule of moderation and enjoy a healthy and happy life.


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