Summer means rushing to stores to grab your own pack of sunscreen. Sunscreen is supposed to shield your skin from UV radiations emitted by sun and offers protection against sunburns. Still most of the people have to go through the trauma of sunburns, tanning and premature skin aging even after pampering their skin with sunscreen.

Are you using it in the correct way? Are you giving your skin the exact level of sun protection it needs? Lets discover the answers to all these questions here by getting familiar with some of the essential tips for applying sunscreen.

  1. Apply Sunscreen Half an Hour Before Stepping Out in Sun

Don’t step out instantly after smearing sunscreen on your bare body parts until it is contained with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. Chemicals in sunscreen are needed to be absorbed into the skin to offer enough protection against sunburn. So try to maintain a gap of at least 20-30 minutes before stepping out.

  1. Dab Sunscreen on Face Directly

This technique will ensure even and quick absorption of the formula into the skin rather than squeezing it on to your palm first and then applying.

  1. Major Problem Lies Here

According to dermatologists, the majority of the cases of sun damages are casual and incidental. This means you can catch it while peeping outside the office window or running hurriedly to get into the metro, implying you are not allowed to leave your bare skin unprotected.

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  1. Rule of Re-application

No matter how good your sunscreen is, it is not going to help you all day long. So if you are going to spend a significant amount of time in open, re-apply sunscreen after every 2 hours to keep your skin protected.

  1. Go for a Sunscreen With High SPF

High SPF value signifies higher protection. A sunscreen with SPF 15 or more will shield your sensitive and delicate skin from sunburns and prevent the chances of any occurrence of skin cancer.

  1. Apply Prior to Moisturizer

To make sure your skin gets adequate protection, apply the sunscreen on the dry, clean skin prior to dabbing any moisturizing cream or lotion. However, it will not make much difference if your formulation is supplemented with titanium dioxide or zinc oxide.

  1. Never Miss a Shot in Winters

A day without stepping under the sun doesn’t mean a day without sunscreen. Most of us ditch our sunscreen bottle on a cloudy day or during winters. Going out means getting exposed to a set of skin damaging radiations emitted by sun, irrespective of whether the day is sunny or cloudy.

So if you are stepping out for a brisk walk or seeing a friend, do not forget to smear your bare skin with high SPF sunscreen lotion.

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  1. Always Shop for Broad Spectrum Sunscreens

A pack labeled with SPF means it will serve as your bodyguard against UVB rays only, leaving your skin unprotected from UVA rays. While UVB are primarily responsible for causing sunburns and skin cancer, UVA has its own role in making your skin age prematurely. So always look for a label mentioning broad spectrum to get complete protection.

By ensuring correct application of sunscreen daily, you will not only get rid of sunburns, tanning, and other sun damages, but also from the costly anti-aging and skin repairing cosmetics.

Our prime objective is to make your skin shine and glow, like a child.


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