How Adaptogen Herbs Cure Stress, Cortisol and Hormonal Imbalance?

How would it be, if you could ‘modulate’ the way your body reacts to stress? Not with any strenuous exercise or rocket science but with plants. Adaptogen herbs cure stress. The health industry is booming with new ideas every day and these stress-busting ‘adaptogens’ have become a trending #buzzword! Today’s world is highly competitive. With increasing work pressure and deadlines, family needs, a … Read more

10 key Health Benefits of Giloy Vati You Should Know

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How To Repair Damaged Hair With DIY Hair Masks

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10 Unknown Health Benefits of Bathing With Cold Water Everyday

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Unknown Health Benefits of Dried Organic Figs

Many people eat figs all over the world. The health benefits of dried organic figs made them very precious. Fig, also known as Anjeer, is an excellent part of a healthy diet. These are one of the earliest fruits cultivated my man. Ficus Carica is the Botanical name of Fig. Figs were originated in Northern Asia … Read more

A-Z of Feminine Hygiene-A Complete Guide for Maintaining Women Hygiene

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Cure Bad Breath With These 22 Home Remedies

The problem of halitosis, or unhealthy breath, has troubled human race for hundreds of years. Do you know that the traditional Greeks apparently used home remedies to cure bad breath like rinsing with wine, anise seed, and myrrh, whereas the Italians used to gargle from cinnamon, juniper seeds, root of cypress, rosemary leaves, etc. Bad breath can be … Read more

Drinking Bottled Water in India: Is It Really Safe?

“Thousands have lived without love, not one without water.” Water is the driving force of all. It is a universal need which makes Mother Earth suitable for habitat. You will be surprised to know that currently the bottled water industry in India is worth more than 10,000 crores and is growing faster than the carbonated drinks … Read more

Cow Milk vs Buffalo Milk vs Goat Milk: The Best Pick

“Milk is a balanced diet”, read the textbook from school. Surely, we all remember this. Milk, the ideal food, providing all the nutrients needed for a healthy living. Thus, justifying our mother’s indulgence over it. Who could forget the early morning hankering over a glass of milk? After much insistence we indeed gave in, drinking … Read more