foods to avoid in winter

Most of us enjoy winters and eagerly for this beautiful season. But the season brings a number of health problems including asthma, cold, cough, flu, sinus and various types of allergies. The situation can get worse if we do not have a control over our eating habits.

These foods should be a no-no during winters, especially at night to stay healthy and away from various ailments.

Foods to Avoid in Winter

Dairy Products

dairy products

Milk and dairy products such as cheese, butter, paneer etc. are heavy for digestion can result in increased congestion in the nose, throat and chest. Milk if taken at night after having meals rich in wheat, oils and spices can create toxins inside the body and is harmful when given to children who are already suffering from asthma, cold or cough. So, try to have some alternatives such as hot vegetable soups which can keep you healthy and strong from inside.



Essence or prakriti of Curd is cold, as described in Ayurveda. The impact of curd on the body is mucous producing in nature. This becomes even more dangerous for a person who is prone to kapha diseases such as asthma, cold, upper respiratory diseases, cough etc.



Bananas are sweet, heavy, and needs a long time to digest inside the body. This can lead to indigestion especially to a person with kapha nature.

 Fried Foods

fried food

We love to indulge in fried food during winters but unknowingly we are slowly piling our body up with unwanted extra kilos. Fried foods are loaded with high amount of calories and contain trans fats which can lead to various risks such as heart diseases and obesity. Instead of frying, we can try other cooking option such as grilling, boiling or baking.

White Flour / Maida


White flour or maida is made by stripping all the useful part from wheat. Consuming white flour or products from it can lead to indigestion and toxin formation in the body. This can also lead to blockages in the large intestine or inflammation in the intestinal lining.

White Sugar

white sugar

White sugar can be found in soft drinks, chocolates, bread, and other super-market products for breakfast. White sugar is highly refined and pure chemical product which can weaken the immune system by affecting the white blood cells. Make sure you avoid those products which contain white sugar in the ingredients table, while purchasing.

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