prevent diabetes
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Diabetes is a disease which when affects a person once, takes complete control over his/her life. Earlier only adults within the age group of 40-60 years found suffering from diabetes, but now this dreadful disease has spread its wings over all age groups. A large proportion of people have been diagnosed annually either with diabetes or pre-diabetes. But, if you keep a check on what you have on your plate, you can protect yourself from this lifelong curse. We have come up with a list of some power foods which when included in your diet can help prevent diabetes and keep you miles away from becoming a diabetic.

Dairy Products to Prevent Diabetes

Prevent Diabetes
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Nothing can be counted above dairy products to prevent diabetes as they provide a combined source of calcium and vitamin D. These two nutrients constitute a deadly combination for suppressing diabetes. A study conducted has concluded that those women who have 800 IU of vitamin D and 1200 mg of calcium in their diet on a regular basis were 33% less likely to develop diabetes as compared to the ones who consumed both the nutrients in lesser quantity. Make sure to incorporate in your diet low-fat or fat-free dairy products instead of ‘regular’ ones.


Prevent Diabetes
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Beans are appreciated for its potency to keep blood sugar level in control. Apart from being a rich source of fiber, it is also high in proteins. What makes it an ideal food is its low saturated fat content. There are different kind of beans you can add to your plate to add variety in your daily diet and prevent diabetes.


prevent diabetes
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Barley has been ranked one of the healthiest grains which you’re probably avoiding to have access to your plate. It is power packed with Beta-Glucan, a kind of soluble fiber, which has been proven to help lower the level of LDL cholesterol in the blood and hence a great food option to prevent diabetes. Not only it keeps you full for hours, but also serves its role in keeping the blood sugar level balanced.


prevent diabetes
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These chewy and brown fruits can’t boast about their looks but have sufficient amount of fiber. These are diabetes-friendly and pleasing to your tongue. These are also loaded with a generous amount of antioxidants that are higher as compared to what found in peppers, grapes, broccoli or oranges.


prevent diabetes
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Oats are highly acclaimed for managing blood sugar level owing to its high fiber content. It has been proved that people who have developed a taste towards oats have a lower level of bad cholesterol and an improved insulin resistance. The soluble fiber content found in oats is supposed to slow down breakdown and absorption of sugar in the body. This ultimately helps in maintaining the blood sugar at a stable level.


prevent diabetes
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This includes mustard, turnip, beet greens and chard. These all supplement your body with a decent amount of fiber and calcium. These are also found containing folate, which is believed to be good for your heart.

prevent diabetes
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Most of the people are not aware that they are pre-diabetic because it has no symptoms. It is important to test yourself, so that it can be reversed with these foods. So go ahead, include these foods in your diet and prevent diabetes, the easy way.

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