I remember my school days when I used to stand in front of my mummy in the kitchen every morning asking her to stuff my lunchbox with some delicious and yummy food. But to my dismay, I always left disappointed when in the midday I open my lunchbox and found something that was not so pleasant to my taste buds. Mostly I found my lunch box packed with something that add health to my mind and body and rarely with something that I wanted.

Thinking about a recipe that fulfils demands of both the body and taste buds is really challenging for parents. So here we come up with some healthy snack ideas that not only please taste buds of your kid but also stand out in terms of health.


  • Tortilla Rollups

Tortilla Rollups

These rollups are something your kids never say no to. Flour tortillas wraps filled with creamy cheesy salsa mixed with your favorite seasonal leafy veggies or fruits is not only mouth watering, but healthy too. The best part is it is very simple to prepare.

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  • Fluffy Scrambled Eggs

Fluffy Scrambled Eggs

How about filling paranthas with fluffy scrambled eggs with a tinge of cheese in it? Kids love to have anything loaded with cheese and when the boring parantha get a twist with eggs and cheese, it would not be possible for children to run away from this tasty snack.

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  • Roti Burrito

Roti Burrito

This Mexican appetizer is a good option as a healthy snack for mid-day meal of kids. Add a filling of anything that suits taste of your kids, anything that is available in your kitchen – veggies, soft fruits, sauce, cheese or meat to the chapati and grill in microwave for few minutes.

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  • Bread Pizza

Bread Pizza

Give your daily whole wheat bread a twist of pizza by adding mozzarella or cedar cheese, onion, tomato, capsicum or any other veggies in reach of your hands. Pack your kid’s lunchbox with this healthy lunchtime snack and allow them to relish their share of health and taste.

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  • Quesadillas


Making kids to eat chapatis is really a tough job. But with Mexican touch, it can become far easier. Loaded with cheese and seasonal veggies, it is a wholesome blend of health and taste.

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So are you ready to explore some tasty yet healthy lunch for you and your children? Hope both you and your kids have enjoyed these.