Improve Concentration and Memory
How to Improve Concentration?
Improve Concentration and Memory
How to Improve Concentration and memory?

Sitting with that Civics book, glancing that paragraph for like 10 minutes, reading it over and over again with zero understanding. Attending the roundtable conference, glaring at the slides but unable to process more than a word. The regular hospital rounds, the professor seems to be drilling a mysterious information, you are present but still absent. Be it your student life or your professional, we all have been there and done that. At the end, it all comes down to your concentration and memory power.

Being in a medical profession, I have myself faced such situation when the stress becomes too much to handle. Few instances are common in everyone’s life but it becomes an issue when your lack of concentration begins to take a toll on your professional as well as personal life. What could be done to avoid reaching that stage? What could be done to improve concentration and memory? Let us decode this quest today in this article.

How to Improve Concentration and Memory Power

1. Practice Meditation: It requires the least effort and one of the best outcomes in lowering your stress levels.

2. Inculcate Yoga in Your Daily Routine: It has a lot of benefits and helps maintain your inner peace. You stay calm and contented from all the positive vibes around you. What can stop you from focusing now?

3. Don’t Shy Away From Talking to Your Closed Ones: You’ll be surprised how big hurdles turn into small when you look at them from a different perspective. Talk it out and hear out a different side to your opinions and who knows, the matter which was tranquillizing you from inside may not be worth your time.

4. Maintain a Personal Diary: This is for all those rants and feelings that are easier to write than to express. Just pen them down. It’s completely harmless and works wonders. Trust me, it’s a tested trick.

5. Pursue Your Hobby: Do what you love once in a while, it will not only make you happy but also give you hope to look forward to something after work.

6. Embrace the Nature Once in a While: Sitting and just hearing the birds chirping and the soft touch of the wind in your hair can provide you with the mental peace which you were searching since a long time.

Have you noticed that you never lose your focus when you enjoy what you are doing? That’s the key. There are these two things that influence your attention span- your surrounding environment & your physical and mental state.

The Surroundings:

1. Should Be Free From Distractions: If you are trying to study and need to focus, choose a place that is quiet, free from distractions like TV, video games, relatives, social media pings. Same applies to when you want to finish a work assignment. Again, it depends on person to person. Some need pin drop silence while others may need some calming music or a serene peaceful place.

Improve Concentration and Memory
Girls studying in a library

2. Choose the Place That Suits You Best: Some can only study in their personal study room while others in a library where the environment is reader-friendly. Some can study in the presence of other people, like in a common room while others just get more stressed in such places and lose focus. Hence, select a place where you are comfortable in. Make your seating area comfortable enough to maintain your concentration.

Your Physical Health:

1. Eat well

2. Sleep well

3. Hydrate well

Improve Concentration and Memory
A guide for healthy eating

It is common during exams that students don’t eat properly due to stress. Some don’t eat enough because they are afraid they might feel sleepy during the post-prandial time. The fact lies that you need to provide your body with the adequate nutrition that it requires.

Maintain the circadian rhythm of your body. Drink plenty of water. Eat healthy, feel healthy and your mind will automatically concentrate better. Hungry stomach and upset mind will cause more trouble than sleepy minds.

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Your Mental Health:

1. De-stress: Stress is the biggest enemy of a person, be it your job stress or your personal life stress. It is bound to mess up your life in one way or the other. De-stressing is hence, one much-needed step to stay mentally healthy and alert. Take breaks in between too much work and listen to music for those 10 minutes of break or take a satisfying sip of coffee. It ultimately will bring your stress level to ground level and you can start afresh.

2. Avoid Distractions: Choose somewhere, where you are not constantly interrupted, be it either by your peers or work burden. Focus on your task, listen to music if it helps you to concentrate.

3. Move Away From Social Media For a While: Social media pings keep provoking you to respond. Your concentration then divides itself causing distractions. There are way too many social apps these days that are enough to keep you occupied all day long.

Improve Concentration and Memory
Mobile phone lying on the work table along with laptop and the diary

4. Avoid procrastinating: We all very well know this. Too much work and getting confused in it.

5. Make a ‘To-do’ List: This helps in focusing your attention on one work at a time. Prioritise according to the work deadline. In this way, you won’t miss any deadlines and finish all your tasks in time.

These are only a few of the ways to improve your concentration and memory power. As the saying goes,“Concentration is the root of all higher abilities in man”. Master your concentration and be prepared to reach new heights in life. In case I have missed any points or you have more of such tips, don’t forget to share it with us in the comment box. Stay tuned for more.