Power of meditation
Power of meditation
Power of meditation

Haven’t we all craved of being superheroes and possessing supernatural powers? Be it super strength, flying, invisibility or being a mind-reader, we wanted to be special that way. The Avengers series, Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia, all tempt us to think of a world beyond the normal. What if they do exist? What if we are actually ‘Muggles’ and secretly there is a ‘Hogwarts’? What if life beyond a cupboard is mysteriously adventurous? What if you do have supernatural powers and you don’t know about it yet? Sounds like a 10-year old speaking, isn’t it?

The answers to these will remain spooky ever. However, there is a lot to research. There have been instances where people have claimed to have super powers out of which some remain unnoticed while the others are just paranoid. I am sure many of you reading this might be a lot more informed in this matter.

Supernatural powers
Supernatural powers

Does Meditation Give You Supernatural Powers?

Once I stumbled upon an article while I was browsing through the World Wide Web. Being the medico freak that I am, I often end up surfing the net in need of some entertainment and healthy information. This one was when I needed my health conscious to awaken:

“Meditation gives you supernatural powers”

Like really? Yes, you read that right. Here are a few instances that I read.

—- The most famous one being of the Dutch Daredevil- Wim Hof, also called the Iceman. He has the ability to withstand extreme temperatures and still keep his immune system under control. He holds at least 20 Guinness World Records. He has conquered heights like Everest and Kilimanjaro in only shorts and shoes. He even ran a marathon in the desert with no water or food and temperature being 50 degree Celsius. He claims to control his immune system– mostly the autonomous system of the body that includes the sympathetic and non-sympathetic system.

Wim Hof
Wim Hof (Source: Pinterest)

—- The ‘Wim Hof Method of breathing exercises includes a combination of meditation and deep breathing exercises to an extent that it can help anyone do those extraordinary things that he can do. Currently, he is working with his university students trying to discover and uncover new avenues of the medical field. Shocking, isn’t it? Unbelievable. I am yet to understand the theory behind it. He believes in a vision of a world free of sickness that can be attained by his combination of meditation and pranayama (deep breathing).

—- There are a lot of urban legends dictating the same fact that meditation is known to instil supernatural powers. The supernatural powers include knowledge about one’s past lives, possessing healing powers, insensitive to painful stimuli and much more. However, in my opinion, it’s just fancy tales masking the fact that the real super powers lie within us.

—- Even our own Indian mythological legends have evidence of yogis possessing supernatural powers through their years of meditation and ‘siddhis’. Be it Ramayana or Mahabharata, rishis and yogis were considered among as the people not to be messed with. They have also been referred to as ‘Lord of the Universe.’

peace with meditation
peace with meditation

I am not completely in favour of doing meditation for hours continuously, neither am I against it. But I would prefer meditation in limits. There are sayings like meditation helps you to attain ‘Siddhi’ the foundation to which lies way deeper that can be perceived. ‘Siddhi’ refers to the psychic powers attained through the power of yoga. It is both mysterious and dangerous. Several references have been made in the ancient times about its benefits and risks. It can be achieved only if you are fully devoted to meditation.

Nowadays, in this space age when people don’t have spare time to even meet their own family, this notion is no longer valid. However, meditation is one of the easiest ways to adopt a healthy lifestyle. 10-15 minutes of meditation daily in a serene environment helps to attain the peace of mind that was lost amidst the tension and confusion. It relaxes your body, helps in driving away all the negative thoughts and improves concentration power.

Early morning meditation is even better. It calms you and instils that extra push in you to survive each day with patience and perseverance. It helps you to settle that turmoil of emotions in your head. In the end, whether meditation gives you ‘supernatural powers’ or not, it definitely makes you more empathetic, kind, tolerating, compassionate– all of which are considered supernatural powers nowadays. There goes the answer to this tricky yet curious query.

What are your views of getting supernatural powers? Would love to have you in the comments.