Fresh Vs Packaged Juice


Staying fit and healthy is a trend in this modern world and in order to fit to this lifestyle and to follow this trend, people generally are choosing modern ways and shortcuts to keep themselves healthy. One such way is indulging on packaged juice to save time in the path to good health. But is this shortcut really taking you to a healthier world? Let’s find out.

To your dismay, the shift from fresh fruits to packaged juice is not your best move. There are several disadvantages of choosing packaged juice over fresh fruits:

Loss of Nutrients – Having fresh fruits as a whole offer many health benefits as compared to the packaged fruit juices as some of the sensitive nutrients gets lost when fruits are exposed to air.

High Calories – 1 glass of fruit juice contains sugar and calories of 3-4 fruits collectively with low nutrients and fibres as compared to fresh fruits.

Heat Treatment – Processed or packaged juice have to undergo various processes before they are finally packaged such as cold pressingrapid pasteurisation or heat treatment in order to increase their shelf life, which destroys naturally occurring digestive enzymes within the fruit, lessen the nutritional value of the ingredients and also changes the pH from alkaline to acid.

Carcinogenic Effect – The additives and preservatives are added in packaged juice which may cause carcinogenic effect on our body.

Standardization – The quality and taste of the packaged juice are standardized due to added artificial flavours. Sugar and flavours are added in the juice to maintain the taste disturbed by the preservatives and shelf-life increasing processes.

High Sugar Content – Diabetic people and those who are on a “Mission Weight Loss” should avoid packaged juice, as it can cause great damage to their health due to the presence of high sugar content and artificial sweeteners.

Loss of Oxygen – Fresh fruits are packed with organic water, live enzymes and chlorophyll which deliver deep hydration and oxygen to the cells and bloodstreams of our body which are absent in case of packaged juice.

So what’s your choice to good health? Packaged or fresh one?

Health TipIt is best to have juice in the morning on empty stomach and avoid any meal for at least 30 minutes after having your juice.

In case you are making fresh juice at home, you can add green vegetables to it as they do not have the potential drawbacks of the fruit sugars and will maximize the nutrition and energy of your juice.