pizza paratha

Pizza Paratha: Though our daily life revolves around office, gadgets, movies, social networking sites etc., but food is a department which we can’t just ignore. We always have an inclination towards our unique set of taste buds and an urge to try different foods, varieties and flavours in our lives.

Most of us love parathas and we have options to choose from aloo paratha, gobi paratha, paneer paratha, onion paratha and many more. On the other hand, we also can’t stop thinking about pizzas as the effort goes in having one is nothing as compared to the taste and fun it gives in return.

But what if you have the option of having both at one go?

Two years ago, in pursuit to follow my urge of trying some stall food, I ended up at a unique stall selling a unique kind of parathas, Yes, they call it PIZZA PARATHA.

You can imagine the demand of those parathas by 3 layers of crowd gathered around it to grab one of theirs. Well, somehow I managed to the get the menu and was shocked to see 30 different varieties of pizza paratha. I finally ordered one based on the stall’s name under “special” category.

I already had water in my mouth when I had my first bite. Ah, the taste was astounding and unique with a combination of corn, capsicum, pomegranate seeds and cheese stuffed inside the pizza paratha, giving it a desi cum videshi look, feel and taste. I was so lost in the taste that I didn’t even realized when I had finished my fourth pizza paratha.

This wholesome combination of wheat, corn, cheese n lots of veggies is not only the tastiest but also the healthiest option one can get easily to quench the hunger of his/her starving taste buds.

Personally, I liked the innovation and felt proud of the stall owner who was serving around 40-50 customers per hour and still had no signs of exhaustion on his face. Though the taste and choice of Indians keep changing from time to time, but it feels great to see such talent in India who keeps innovating to come up with something different yet astonishing every time.

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