post workout foods

In today’s fitness freak world, we all crave for a perfectly toned, physically fit and healthy body and posture. To shape up this desire into reality, people spend a good proportion of their time visiting and sweating in gym. But that’s not the whole story. Apart from the workout, what is on your plate, also determines the way your muscle building regimen goes ahead. Below is the list of several post workout foods and drinks to keep your fitness regimen on the right track.


Post workout food

Eggs are fully packed with proteins and are considered to be a best option to stimulate muscle recovery post-workout. You can either have an egg toast, omelet with mushrooms and cheese, scrambled eggs with broccoli or cheese loaded scrambled eggs.

Orange Juice

orange juice

While you workout, along with losing calories, your body also sweat away a good proportion of fluids and electrolytes. A glass of orange juice is enriched with vitamin C supplies your body significantly more potassium than other common sports drinks. Potassium helps the body restore lost fluids.



Bananas are loaded with good carbohydrate your body needs after strenuous workout. It supplies your body with glycogen, restores muscle fuel spent up and recharges you for next session in the gym.



These little berries are not only add on beauty to an ice cream bowl, but also give your body a surge of antioxidants that helps it to recover three times faster as with any other fruit.



Pineapples are not only good to savor taste buds, but also a rich source of a natural anti-inflammatory protein extract bromelain that boost repairing of tissues and curing sprains and swelling.

Sandwich Wraps

Sandwich wrap

Wholegrain wraps are packed with carbs to refill your body with required energy. Treat yourself a chicken or vegetable sandwich and compliment it with a bowl of hot soup. This is one of the finest choice as a post workout food to keep your body energetic and prepared for next workout.

Dried Fruits and Nuts

Nuts and Dried Fruits

To give your body a quick dose of proteins and carbohydrates, stuff your mouth with a handful or two of this nutty snack. A half cup of this crunchy snack is loaded with 34 gm of proteins.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potato

Besides refilling your carbohydrate store, sweet potatoes also deliver your body a variety of minerals and vitamins, particularly potassium, magnesium, B6, C and D.

The thumb rule is to refuel your body with proteins and carbs. Right after work out, muscle protein drops down leading to wasting of muscles. If you are on the way to make a masculine body, consume 30-35 grams of proteins and carbs in next 15 minutes once finished with your workout session.  If your main goal is to gain a toned and slim figure, you have a time of 45 minutes to 1 hour to choose and eat the above mentioned post workout foods after gymming session.

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