Walking in Nature

You might be knowing the health benefits of walking, but did you know walking in nature offers, even more, rewards?

Taking a walk in nature could be the best thing you do for your mood all day. It is simple, effortless, and one of the easiest ways to get more active, become healthier and also to improve mental health.

A walk in nature mainly during the morning and evening time will lead to a healthy life by keeping you away from many diseases. A good walk can help you collect your thoughts, especially at stressful times. Many researchers found that walking in nature provides mental health benefits. It boosts creative thinking. Walking in nature is the best diet you can give to your mind as it helps you get rid of mental fatigue. When you’re feeling upset or your mind is going through a bad mood, it can be really helpful to “walk it off.”

Walking in green spaces may bring your brain into a state of meditation and it makes maximum people happier, calmer, which can never be achieved by working in a gym.

  1. Walking daily in nature increases positivity in your thoughts and also improves your breathing rate.
  2. It makes oxygen travels faster through blood stream which helps in eliminating waste products and improving energy level.
  3. It can lift your mood and will make you physically strong.
  4. Just by walking at least for half an hour a day in open greenery area, you will see the difference in your overall body and mind fitness.
  5. It helps in keeping weight under control.

Scientists also say that even without changing diet habits, losing weight is possible if you are walking only for 45 minutes daily. Walking elevates heart rate and burn calories which help in maintaining heart rate.

Walking in an open area or park provides us freshness, makes us free from our tensions and anxiety. Regular outdoor walks stimulate your brain and help in getting that fresh air to circulate through our bodies which do wonders.

Walking in green grass bare feet helps in increasing eye sight and also helps in increasing self-confidence. It has been also seen that the people who don’t go for a walk in parks or an open area may behave rudely as compared to people who go for a walk regularly.

Walking in nature leads to the proper flow of blood in our body and help achieve both mental and emotional well-being. Most of the people have shifted to cities for a better living, away from the place where they get the exposure of nature, fresh air. The people living in cities normally face many health issues like anxiety, depression, and other mental illness than people living in urban areas as they regularly get exposed to nature and are away from pollutants, dust and chemical substances.

Walking in nature promotes total health. An example of this can be seen by looking at the body’s relationship with stress after walking through an urban and a green environment. In a study, groups of university students were taken on walks through a forest and the city. Saliva samples were taken from the participants before and after each of the walks which demonstrated that the experience of walking through the forest reduced the participants’ level of cortisol, the body’s stress hormone, to a greater extent than did a city walk.

Walking is directly linked to the reduction in the stress level. While walking, body releases endorphin which in turn stimulates relaxation. People should try visiting parks or areas which are surrounded by trees and are away from pollution.

The more you get to explore the nature and go for a walk, the lesser you will have to visit a doctor. Thus, with all these points we can easily conclude that walking in nature improves your mental health and it helps you to be always connected with nature.

Walking in Nature

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