People have different sleeping styles and each style can reveal a lot about their behavior and traits. But do you know what is the best position to sleep and are you among the ones who sleep in the best position?

According to a survey published on November 23, 2015 by a bed manufacturing firm based in the UK, it’s better to sleep on the left side of the bed if we want to start our day on a positive note by waking up happy.

The study revealed that people who usually slept on the left side were 8% likelier to have friends and like their work, 4% more inclined to wake up in a good mood and 9.5% more likely to have a more positive outlook on life.

On the other hand, those who slept on the right side were 9% more inclined to prefer their own company, 7 % more likely to get up in a bad mood, 5 % more likely to be pessimistic and 3% more likely to dislike their job.

During the study, 1000 people across the country were questioned to find out the impact of our sleeping habits on our mood, career, and outlook on life.

Sleeping positions and what they reveal about you:

“Foetal” position

This is most common among people as 41% of the population, mainly women sleep in this position. In this position, a person sleeps on his/her side with legs curled up. These people are thought to be synonymous with people who are sensitive, emotive and fear being hurt.

foetal sleep position

“Log” position

15% of the people prefer this funny position, lying on their sides with their legs extended straight and arms by their sides. People with this style are socially active and get easily involved with everyone.

log sleep position

“Yearner” position

13% of the world’s population sleep in this position, back curved with arms out in front. These people generally have a complex personality. They are friendly but cynical. They are very slow in making a decision but once they made their mind, they stick to it.

Yearner sleep position

“Soldier” position

8% of the people sleep on their back with arms pinned to the sides, like a soldier. They are thought to be rather reserved with a tendency towards loyalty and honesty. They have high expectations for themselves.

soldier sleep position

“Freefall” position

7% of people sleep on their stomach with their head turned to one side. They are big dreamers with intense personality. Sometimes they are sensitive and show signs of brash traits.

freefall sleep position

“Starfish” position

This style has been adopted by just 5% of people and is the least preferred sleep style. In this style, people lie on their backs with their legs stretched out and arms stretch up above their head. These people are very loyal friends and are helpful in nature.

starfish sleep position

What’s your sleeping style? You can share with us.

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