alkaline diet
Alkaline Diet


Have you ever tried alkaline diet (also known as alkaline ash diet or alkaline acid diet) in your life? In order to have optimum weight, a healthy and glowing skin, and good immunity, it is important to maintain the pH in our blood at the right level. According to Dr. Amrapali Patil, weight management expert and nutritionist, an alkaline diet helps to maintain good health, recover faster from an illness and boost immunity. She also says that even patients undergoing chemotherapy have gained from alkaline diets.

Alkaline diet can help you lose weight and avoid problems like arthritis and cancer

How Alkaline Diet Works?

Our body works very hard to maintain the optimal pH level of the blood, i.e. 7.35-7.45. Most of the activities taking place in the body such as breathing, digestion and movement constantly produce metabolic acids and other toxins that are acidic in nature.  It is very important to flush out these toxins from the body, from time to time in order to maintain good health and stay away from diseases.

If your body is in acidic state, it will draw nutrients such as calcium and magnesium from the bones which may increase the risk of Osteoporosis. It could also make your skin pale and make your hair and nails dry and brittle. Thus, alkalising the body reduces the acidic load in the body.

alkaline diet
pH Balance Chart (Image Source: Slideshare)


What are the benefits of an alkaline diet?

  • Detoxification of the blood by following an alkaline diet can bring significant improvement in its oxygen carrying capacity which helps improve skin, hair and maintain high energy level throughout the day.

  • When the body is in the alkaline state, it is less prone to cellular damage.

  • The alkaline diet helps in proper digestion, make bones stronger and keep acidity and gastric issues at bay.

  • Alkaline foods mainly get translated to potassium (chief alkalising agent) which when enters into blood, maintains the osmotic balance of blood, keeps blood pressure in check.

  • This is of utmost importance for patients who are suffering from blood pressure, heart diseases, water retention, and those who are trying to reduce weight.

Top alkaline foods that you may try:

  • Lemon

alkaline diet

  • It is the most alkalising food of all. It energises liver and promotes detoxification. It can act as a natural disinfectant as it gives relief from virus-related conditions such as cough, cold, flu.

  • Capsicum

alkaline diet

  • It contains enzymes which are essential for the proper functioning of the endocrine. It is also used for its antibacterial properties. It fights out harmful free radicals that lead to various diseases.

  • Garlic

alkaline diet

  • Garlic encourages overall health, lowers blood pressure, cleanses liver.

  • Green leafy vegetables

alkaline diet

  • These may include spinach, turnip greens, kale (leaf cabbage) etc. These are rich in Vitamin K, folate content, minerals, phytochemicals, antioxidants, fiber which help improve vision and digestion.

  • Root vegetables

alkaline diet

  • These may include radishes, beets, carrots, turnips etc. These are rich in more minerals as compared to other vegetables and known for their healing nature.

Foods You Should Avoid: 

Alcohol, Caffeine, meat, sugar, and processed foods should be avoided to re-balance your body towards a more alkaline state.

How to maintain an alkaline diet

  • Include green tea in your daily life.

  • Eat fresh green leafy vegetables.

  • Add citrus fruits in your daily diet such as oranges, limes, grapes.

  • Add fruits which have insulin-resistance capacity including apples, bananas, grapes, plums, and peaches.

  • Replace soft drinks with chlorophyll such as wheat grass juices.

  • Eat plenty of protein in the form of vegetables.

  • Avoid refined carbohydrates, red meat.

So it’s time to follow the alkaline diet to keep your weight in check and also to keep your body and mind healthy and miles away from diseases.


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